Urbanization is sweeping the globe, and on the rise with nearly 70% of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas by 2050. With such growth comes many challenges. Two of the biggest are housing and sustainability.

An example of a country where these issues are particularly relevant is Nigeria. One of the countries we operate in.  The country’s fast-growing economy is bringing a wealth of opportunities, while at the same time fueling a massive housing deficit as the population rises.

By 2033, Nigeria is estimated to have a shortage of 17 to 20 million homes. As of 2018, the costs needed to curb this deficit are 363 billion USD – and will increase. Traditional housing methods are simply too expensive, slow and resource dependent to make a significant difference for people or the environment.

With no viable solution in sight, our team created one: SULEX.

We are a driven team of entrepreneurs and engineers, with roots in the Netherlands, Nigeria and the caribbean and a shared passion to provide the world with the best sustainable prefab modular housing solutions. We are open to working with anyone, however we mainly work with companies operating in Europe and Africa and south america, high-end individuals and government bodies – who are all working together with us at a greater level to solve the housing problem in the country at hand.


Dani Balogun

Founder & CEO

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Dani moved to the Netherlands at a young age. Just after high school, he started a five-year career with the Dutch Military Paratroopers. But Dani knew he wanted more in life and decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions during his last year in the army. He started working a part-time, home-based job with an international network marketing company. Within six months, he had achieved such great success that he decided to leave the army to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Six years later, Dani is not only a Regional Vice President, but also an influential speaker and role model within his organization – which he has built in 18 countries and continues to expand.

Seeking opportunities to give back to his home country, Dani visited Nigeria in 2018. He saw the issues of housing and sustainability and quickly turned them into an opportunity to give back and participate in a growing market.

SULEX International is Dani’s new venture, for which he has put together a strong team of talented people who share his vision of giving back through sustainable housing.