There is virtually nothing you cannot buy on Amazon, and that includes affordable Amazon container homes. Most people are by-passing the conventional kind of houses, and they prefer tiny container homes. There are quite a number of these container homes on Amazon. The most important thing is for you to identify the one that interests you. It is always interesting living a life of simplicity, and these tiny container homes on Amazon fit perfectly.

In this post, we shall be exploring the different tiny homes on Amazon. You have to understand that these houses on Amazon have their peculiar problems but undoubtedly a viable option. Before you delve into this kind of home, you should seek the opinion of those already in the business. Get to understand the essentials of having such homes and the requirements. Most people only jump into it because they heard it is cheaper. If you are the type who doesn’t enjoy living a simple life, you might struggle to live in a container home’s limited space.

The list of Amazon container homes in this post is far from exhaustive, and it is in no particular order.


Key Takeaway

Most people get confused when seeking for the best Amazon container homes to buy. Having access to a list of available and affordable container houses on Amazon will help people make the right choices. There are modular homes, prefab container homes, customizable container homes, etc.

List of Amazon Container Homes

1. Prefab container homes on Amazon

The first on our list are the prefab tiny container houses with windows as well other features. You can find these pre-fabricated tiny homes on Amazon for as low as $36,000. This spec is developed by MODS International, a shipping container company based in Wisconsin. The container home comes fully furnished and can be moved into your space right away.

It also comes with a bedroom, shower, toilet, a working sink, lounge, and double glazing, and patio doors. The shipping container doors are designed with special locks for your security. It is fully insulated, heated, and comes air conditioning.


2. Customizable container houses on Amazon

This is also one of the best Amazon container homes that you can get for yourself. The container home is easily assembled, and you can customize the final product to your taste and specifications. They are produced by the Weizhengheng Easy Install Prefabricated Container House. Each of these tiny houses on Amazon is completely equipped with power and lighting.

After you have made your purchase, you will be given pre-construction advice and consulting services. Also, you will be provided with after-sales tracking services to ensure the container home meets your specification.


3. Modular homes on Amazon

For as low as $15, 000 you can get any of these tiny modular homes on Amazon. Xianwing manufactures the container home, and each is 5900 by 2435 by 2690 mm. Although they might not look like those aesthetically beautiful homes, they certainly come cheap and simple. You can also check other design options by the manufacturer.


4. A shipping container home with PV

If you want a container home that comes with its own power source, then this is the perfect choice for you. It is among the different Amazon container homes that you can actually determine how it will be designed. You have a lot of options here, and they are all great and lovely. It doesn’t only come with its own PV panel but also has a small wind generator system on the roof. You can also expand and collapse the whole structure using a remote control.


5. Small pre-built tiny homes on Amazon

This category of Amazon container homes is technically a refuge shelter. It is fire-resistant and comes with no plumbing. The structure is built and supplied by DuraMax, although it is not advisable for the long-term. It is constructed from galvanized steel with a versatile metal foundation. However, it is essentially designed for temporary emergencies or can be deployed as an on-site shelter.

It has a floor space of 12m2, which makes it more of a temporary living space. This container home serves more like a cellular office or a single bedroom than a conventional home.


6. A simple shipping container home

Instead of spending your money on interior decoration and other involved expenses, you can choose to live in a simple shipping container. You can get one on Amazon for as little as $5.5k. If you are really an “outdoorsy” type, this wouldn’t be much of a problem for you. You have to understand that these houses on Amazon don’t come with any fitted heating or cooling, electricity, plumbing, insulation, or even windows. Tents lack such features, too, and people still use them. The doors are mostly lockable from the outside, so you might need to work on the security’s internal side. If you belong to the group of “shipping container home purist,” then this is the only option that is open to you. You can decide to get a dog or have your own personal security device for peace of mind for additional security.


7. Tiny container homes on Amazon for a pop-up business

Weizhengheng also supplies these tiny homes on Amazon. You can convert them to homes or a base for your pop-up café, office, or even bar. They come in varieties of sizes, but you can always go for a customized one if their options are not ok with you. The container home comes with an automatic and leveling system enabled by a hydraulic system.


Tips About Shipping Container Homes

Before buying any of these container houses on Amazon, there are essential things you need to have in mind.

  • Not all these Amazon container homes are equal
  • Know your local planning laws and building regulations before buying your tiny homes on Amazon.
  • Always avoid changing your design during the time of construction.
  • Avoid cutting or excessive modification of the containers.
  • Carefully choose your insulation.



Before buying any of these Amazon container homes, seek opinions of those already using it. It might not seem much of a thing, but it can save you a lot of trouble and stress in the long-run. You can also share your thought in the comment box provided below.


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