Searching for the best Container Home Builders in Africa? Your search ends here. Storage Container home building is gradually becoming a trend in Africa and the major reason this is happening is that shipping container homes are cost-effective.

Another reason why you might be reading this article is that you want to know the affordable options available. Similarly, you’re probably searching for the best builders in Africa to set up your next container home. Whatever your reasons, you’ll find the answers that you seek. Read on.

Usually, when most people think of container homes, they think of a box on stilts. Not very luxurious if you ask me. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In truth, with the right container home builders, your creativity is not limited by the “box shape.”

African container home builders with top-notch expertise know what it takes to make your dream come true. Without much ado, we will be highlighting the best container home builders in Africa that are dependable.


Key Takeaway

Container homes are eco-friendly and cost-effective. The best container home builder must be able to construct a building in imaginative ways. These builders aim to convert your abstract ideas into a physical and attractive home. They use innovative materials for sustainable housing in Africa.


Table of Contents


     1. Sulex International

Sulex is a top-notch African container home builder creating a sustainable living experience for prospective homeowners. Also, the techniques used by Sulex International are one-of-a-kind right from the foundation to the completion stage. In addition, the company shows a lot of understanding of what sustainable living entails.

A satisfied client claimed that Sulex offers mobility and leaves room for expansion of their home in the future. Not able to come up with any desirable design? No problem! Sulex International got you covered; they are the best builder of exquisite shipping container homes in Africa.

Some of the projects completed by Sulex include:

  • Project Zapateer
  • Sustainable Social Housing Project (Government),
  • Project Cubex Foodyard.


     2. DTH Prefabricated Buildings & Structures

DTH prefab is one of the best container home builders in Africa. In fact, they offer On-site construction techniques. DTH uses high-quality materials in the making of its shipping container homes. With much emphasis on client satisfaction, DTH PREFAB produces a unique superior design that lasts long.

You are assured of a fabulous durable portable steel structure made from strong material when you partner with DTH PREFAB. Thus, you don’t have to worry about durability because the materials are sturdy enough to last for years.

DTH PREFAB projects include prefab site office, porta cabin, prefab villa, and customized prefab. Therefore, irrespective of your building needs, their methodology gets you covered any time.


     3. Spacify

Spacify focuses on creating affordable spaces and relocatable housing solutions. Spacify’s shipping container homes are modular systems that any homeowner can choose to expand in the future. Therefore, whether you prefer de-rusted containers or new ones, Spacify knows how to bring the best out of your budget.

They are made up of a team of experts who are passionate about beautiful and functional prefab homes. In addition, Spacity offers off-grid designs that make living convenient. Their building method is systematic, and the end products are admirable.

Spacify shipping container home designs include Space1 Junior, Urban loft, Chalet, and Bush Lodge. Irrespective of your choice, they are relatively cheaper than conventional housing.

Container Home Builders in Africa


     4. SA Container Homes

The concept of SA container homes makes it one of the best container home builders in Africa. Also, with the aid of energy-efficient materials, SA container homes assemble sustainable homes for a living. In addition, they offer delivery services after creating your preferred living space.

SA container homes build high-quality insulated and super groovy homes ranging from tiny houses to large apartments. Lastly, you can choose from the various plans offered by this builder.

SA container homes partner with Eden Development to build energy-efficient housing.


     5. A & A Containers

With 30 years of experience, A & A containers keep offering a containerized solution to transform people’s living spaces. A & A are committed to exposing African countries to the latest architecturally designed applications. Moreso, they display an in-depth understanding of sophisticated and quickly assembled accommodation.

Without any doubt, A & A containers utilize a wide range of quality products to deliver first-class construction. In addition, A & A puts customers first. So, if you have special requirements, trust them to consider your options before suggesting designs for you.

The company remains a specialist in different architectural designs, including sanitizer tunnels and refrigerated containers.

Container Home Builders in Africa



In conclusion, there are different container home builders in Africa, but only the right one can build your desired home. Specifically, the companies listed above tick all the boxes to be considered in your decision. Of course, container homes are a cost-effective and durable apartment option.

Top builders possess the right expertise to construct beautiful designs and incredible infrastructures. Above all, are you still contemplating? If you are still in doubt, you can contact our top choice (Sulex International). Their professionalism is beyond doubt.


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