Shipping container homes are becoming popular in the Netherlands. Thanks to its availability and affordability. Given its popularity, Netherland container homes have been utilized by many to construct different home designs.

But why do people build homes with shipping containers when they can use bricks for construction? That is what you will be learning under this thread.


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Netherlands container home offers solutions to the problem of getting affordable homes in the country. In other words, shipping container homes give you a cheaper option to build houses. Shops, restaurants & bars, companies, and clinics too are being built with containers.


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Tempohousing is one of the largest shipping container homes company in Netherlands. The company has built the world’s first and largest container campus for students in Netherlands. The Dutch government once contracted Tempohousing to construct a removable shipping container campus for students in Amsterdam.


Why you should build with Shipping Container Homes

As we mentioned earlier, Netherland shipping container homes are affordable. You don’t have to research deeply before you can get them for your desired apartment. However, other reasons why you should consider creating your dream home with a shipping container include:


. Durability:

We are quite sure that you are aware that shipping container homes are products of weathering steel. So it gives it an edge over traditional housing because it can withstand extreme weather conditions.


. Easy to purchase:

Building with a Netherland shipping container home does not cost a fortune. With less than $10,000, you are on your way to constructing your home.


. Mobility:

Unlike houses built with bricks, you can dismantle your shipping container home if you want to relocate. You will be needing the service of a Shipping transport company for movement to a new location.


 . Quick to construct:

Constructing a shipping container home does not involve any building complexity. In fact, you can do it yourself without the help of builders. However, if you wish to get your home built within a short time, it may require professionals.


The Best Shipping Container Home Ideas in Netherlands

To help expand your imagination, we have gathered some of the best shipping container home ideas in Netherlands. And, they include:


1. Gift Shops:

This is the choice of many retailers because of the flexibility it offers. You can create your gift shop with a single shipping container and design it to suit your preference. Renting a store might not offer you this opportunity.


2. Gallery Space:

Over the years, shipping containers have been used by the art industry to build great gallery spaces. Prefab containers present different options and designs to use space efficiently.


3. Construction Company:

A lot of construction companies use containers to build their offices. Thanks to its flexible nature, construction companies use shipping containers to build temporary or permanent workshops.


4. Pop-up shops:

Shipping containers are movable. Therefore, they are suitable for pop-up shops due to the nature of the business.


5. Restaurant and bar:

Restaurants and bars built with shipping containers are becoming rampant in Netherlands. It is a cost-effective way of starting up a good restaurant or bar.


6. Health Clinic:

Shipping containers are used to build healthcare centers and clinics in the Netherlands.



The trend of shipping container homes is rising in Netherlands. Wouldn’t it be nice to join this moving train and showcase your creativity? With the Netherland container homes ideas highlighted above, you can come up with the best design for yourself.

Project Keetwonen gained massive success since it was created in Amsterdam.  It is one of the most famous Dutch container homes or campuses in the city today. Got any questions or inquiries about Shipping Container Homes in Netherlands? Ask here!


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