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Sulex Charity

It is our mission to create more sustainable living and a better future for the people in the world. We are therefore collaborating with the local government to solve the housing problem and to build as many homes as possible. However, to resolve this major issue we are eager to work with many non-profits and other charitable organizations to contribute to society and communities. We believe that to make a change it takes more than one to truly address an issue, and that we are always better off combining our efforts.

By collaborating with other like-minded companies, individuals and governments who share our vision, we can tackle the housing deficit step-by-step and achieve our mission – which is not just to develop and deliver container homes to fill the gap in the housing market, but to also give back to people what they deserve and to create a more comforting way of living where basic needs are taken care of.

We would also like to contribute to areas in the world where the natural disaster rate is high, so that we can provide for the people in these areas with a quick, durable housing solution when they’re in need.

If you represent an organization sharing our mission, vision and values, we invite you to contact us to discuss the possibilities for collaboration.

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