Container home living is a growing trend that is here to stay. No wonder there is an increased attempt by manufacturers and contractors to enter this space. Thanks to its versatility and durability, there are tons of things one could do with a container home. To help broaden your imagination, we have gathered some container home business ideas to give a try.

You would be forgiven to think starting a business is as easy as 1,2,3. Many companies in the US today make it seem like an easy venture to go into. However, this is not always the case as it requires a lot of considerations. 

Whether it’s a problem finding the perfect environment for business or the right business idea, getting started is never easy. The right business location is hard to pick, especially when you consider the pricing and business needs. 

To make matters more complicated, a wrong choice of location and environment would affect your business differently.  Thus, the importance of getting this right.

Talking about location and business environment; there is an unlikely solution – Container Homes.

What is a Container Home?

Container Homes are living spaces or buildings constructed out of repurposed shipping containers. 

Recycling shipping containers make use of containers that were initially designed for Cargo or shipping items. By doing this, manufacturers can convert such unwanted shipping containers into living spaces. 

Thanks to their steel and reinforced frames, these containers are designed to withstand a ship’s different elements most likely to encounter. Thus, making shipping container homes some of the most cost-effective living space around. 

This living space comes in different shapes and sizes, making it possible to achieve various combinations and results. This versatility is why we believe they are useful structures for business, and we are giving container home business ideas to back our claim.

Top Container Home Business Ideas

You might be wondering what types of business you can run in a container home structure. Well, the possibilities are endless. We recognize it might be hard to think of one. Thus, we have taken the time to curate some of the best ideas and business ideas for container homes.

Here are some of the best container home business ideas you can try.

1. Gift Shops 

Finding a space or location for your gift shop might be a hassle. With shipping containers, you have an affordable and creative way to showcase your gift items. 

There is an increasing number of retailers going this route. Unlike the modular building structures, container homes give you lots of flexibility and customization. So, if you create handmade arts and crafts for the gift shopping market, shipping containers can provide you with an added edge.

use for old shipping container

2. Gallery Space

There are a lot of artisans than available galleries to display beautiful works. Even when you have such spaces, how do you make your gallery stand out? Container Homes could be an answer!

In a competitive space like the Art industry, standing out is a must. Shipping containers come with several design options and enough room for customizations. These features provide you with an added edge and cost-effective alternative to display your artworks in creative ways. 

3. Construction Company

Are you starting a construction company? What better way to show your industry awareness and creativity than through container homes?

Construction companies rely on the flexibility of shipping containers to help them run their daily activities on site. These containers provide them with proper shelter through the duration of the project. Also, the sturdy build of these containers makes the perfect choice to protect work equipment and materials.

container home business ideas

4. Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are different from traditional retail stores. These are shops designed to cater to a more specific need or a seasonal business need. Due to its type of business model, these shops open for a few months in the year.

For shops like this, using shipping containers provides lots of perks. Shipping containers doesn’t have to be fixed to a specific location. Thus, you can have a temporary and portable structure constructed. It can also be moved to another location if needed, as long as it meets local requirements. 

5. Workshops/Studio

Are you starting a skill-based business, like photography, writing or carpentry? You might want to consider setting up your workspace or workshop rather than have everything ran within your home. 

To get started with a cost-effective option, a shipping container might be best. It provides you with a creative workspace without having to break your pocket.

container home business ideas

6. Restaurant & Bar

Restaurants and bars built out of container homes are becoming more rampant. This new trend gives you space, an industrial feel and creative freedom with your décor. 

A cost-effective option, container homes provide you with an effective way to save up on your restaurant start-up cost. Depending on your location, you can place your shipping container on a plot of land, giving you an indoor-outdoor concept. It’s the perfect way to stand out in your area.

7. Real Estate Offices

Another perfect container home business idea is Real Estate offices.

Realtors are often on the go, showing prospects of other property listings across different locations. However, they need space to sign contracts and meet with clients. 

Shipping containers provide the perfect solution. You can have an inexpensive, small and portable structure manufactured just for this type of business. 

container home business ideas

8. Plant Shop

Thanks to their flexibility, shipping containers provide more room for outdoor functions than modular buildings. Plant shops can take advantage of this flexibility to create the right environment for plants with an inviting storefront for customers.

9. Health Clinic

There are several needs for a flexible health clinic. Whether it’s for a concert, remote area or relief area or outdoor festival, the conditions are plenty. So, whether you are looking to build a mobile clinic or a permanent one, shipping containers are perfect for you.

container home business ideas

10. Gym Studio

Are you a personal trainer, gym or yoga instructor looking to start your studio? Shipping containers offer the right solution. They can be efficiently maximized to provide areas for your session and enough space to store equipment.



Shipping containers provide enough room for customization and flexibility. This is why there are tons of businesses going this route. Above, we have discussed some of the best examples of container home business ideas you might be interested in.

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