There are lots of beautiful container home designs that you can select from when constructing your shipping container home. It means you have got your hands full when choosing the perfect shipping container home design.  If you are new to modern shipping container home designs, this article provides you with an excellent foundation to start. You will see beautiful and cheap shipping container home designs to help you make the right choice. 

The Best Container Home Designs You Can Choose From


1. The Green Container Home Design (Starting cost: $250,000)

container home design This home design has an outside industrial feel with a walnut finish on the interior. While the dual-pane aluminum windows offer natural light and the floor is made of concrete. If you’re searching for an industrial green home, this may be the perfect container home design for you.

2. Ranch Style Container Home Design (Starting cost: $10,000)

container home design The Rancher Style Home Design maximizes livable floor space by using two ISO shipping containers 16 feet apart as a grand entrance. In addition, the living room space is 640 sq ft with vaulted ceilings. This cheap container home design offers a ton of livable space at a fraction of the price. 

3. Container Guesthouse Design (Starting cost: $125,000)

container home design Looking for a comfortable & relaxing container house design? This Guesthouse Design has an estimated 1,000 sq ft. by combining two 40 feet containers. Using large windows this home design has a spacious looking floor plan.

4. Green & Black shipping Container Home Design (Starting cost: $120,000)

container home design This container house design is made of two containers, and it measures 1,119 sq ft. Two shipping containers are placed on top of each other to take up less land. Plus, you can decide to change the painting of the house to your preferred choice; it has a wooden floor, white walls. However, the color options are up to you. 

5. PV14B Shipping House Design (Starting cost: $350,000)

container home design This magnificent design is made of 14 shipping containers with an impressive surface of 3,700 sq ft. It features three bedrooms with designated bathrooms, a spacious garage that can fit two cars, and a roof deck. In addition, you have to agree that this container home design is innovative as you rarely notice the walls are made of steel. 

6. Container Home on Water (Starting cost: $ 70,000)

container home design This is one of the shipping container house designs that you have to consider location before constructing the house. Some shores are not suitable for the construction of modern shipping container homes. You will have to apply for a permit before you can proceed with this project. 

7. 2 Pieces Container home design (Starting cost: $120,000)

container home design This design comprises of two pieces of containers that are separated by a small yard. If you have a family, this space will be beneficial. It is one of the container home designs with a concrete floor. The main building is made up of 6 shipping containers measuring about 1,920 sq ft. 

8. Small Container Home Design (Starting cost: $150,000)

container home design This house is made with two shipping containers covering a space of 1,527 sq ft. It comprises of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, an office, and a laundry room. Its ground floor combines the living room with the kitchen in a beautifully designed open space layout. 

9. Container Home with 8 Containers (Starting cost:$150,000)

container home design This is one of the big modern shipping container home designs with a space of 2,200 sq ft. You can decide to leave the door of the container intact to be closed manually whenever you need some privacy. It has a spacious interior with a slim metal staircase between the floors. 

10. White Container home design (Starting cost: $100,000)

container home design Not trying to spend a fortune on your tiny home? This modular metal home design will fit your limited budget and offer you plenty of living space. You often see such shipping container house designs tucked between regular houses. However, this home design accommodates a parking space big enough for two SUVs. Not to mention, this shipping container house design can be built within a span of three months. 

11. Stacked Container House Design (Starting Cost:$120,000)

container home design This design is similar to that of the green and black container home design. The exterior wall of the balcony is made of rectangular glass. There is a deck on top of this container house surrounded by glass walls while the staircase leads back to the ground. It means you can get to the top floor from the outside of the house. 

12. Cross-Shaped Container Home (Starting cost: $85,000)

container home design If you reside in a place where the majority aren’t Christians, this container home design might seem controversial. The design utilizes the available vertical space, and it stands out from other houses. This design is often made for a single individual. You shouldn’t consider this Shipping container home design if you have a family. 

13. Two-Storey Shipping Container House Design (Starting cost: $95,000)

container home design This shipping design masquerades the metal container with pellets, and it is environmentally friendly. It is constructed with about 85% of recycled materials. The proper insulation facilities help to eliminate the problem of condensation. Therefore, the design maintains a suitable temperature during both winter and summer. 

14. Small Shipping Container House Design (Starting cost:$50,000)

container home design This single container house design comes with solar panels. The design can accommodate a family of two, and the deck allows you to your meals outside, but you have to purchase some patio furniture. 

15. Slopped Roof Shipping Container Home Design (Starting cost: $115,000)

container home design

Although this shipping container home design is a beauty, you need to have a permit, ensuring it is not a fire hazard. You can cover the big sloped roof with grass while the body is made from the bamboo lining. Meanwhile, the design looks a little bit closed up, but you can counter than with larger windows. 

16. Massive Container Home Design (Starting cost:$200,000)

container home design This is one of the modern shipping container home designs built with 40-footers. To build a traditional house that is the same size as this one, you will need double the time. It is designed to withstand tropical weather, and you can use the special paint that protects against constant rainfall. 

17. White Container House Design with 2 Levels (Starting cost: $150,000)

container home design This shipping container design is suited for flood-prone areas. It has one of the best container home floor plans. The containers used for the ground floor are flood-proof and resistant to wind speeds up to 175mph. This house design contains up to 7 containers on top of each other. The ground space is 2,000 sq ft with a large garage that can accommodate two cars. 

18. Huge 2 Stories Shipping Container Design (Starting cost: $175,000)

container home design This is one of the modern shipping container home designs; you will find it hard to believe it is made of containers. The balcony is designed with bars to enable you to have a clear view without standing up. Undoubtedly, this is a massive house suitable for you and your family. 

19. Shipping Container Home Design with Roof Terrace (Starting cost:$100,000)

container home design This design gives you plenty of outdoor space, and you can access the roof directly from the ground. Plus, the house covers a space of 1280 sq ft. Finally, you have the option of installing solar panels to increase energy efficiency & production. 20. 2560 Square Feet Shipping Container Design (Starting cost: $25,000) container home design It is one of the cheap shipping container home designs you can get anywhere. If you desire an off the grid lifestyle, consider incorporating solar and wind power systems into your house design. 

21. Container House With Strawbale/Mud Plaster Insulation Layer (Starting cost:$50,000)

container home design Thinking about living somewhere that is hot? Don’t worry, this container home design allows you to live comfortably in environments 100F+ degrees. By using double insulation, this shipping container house design offers more than 40-50 R-value.

22. Container Castle Model (Starting Cost:$210,000) 

Depending on your choice, you can have a small 2-story, 3-story, or a massive container castle that is almost 10,000 sq ft. Each design has four giant helix wind turbines to help power the home. You can even include an array of solar panels to increase energy production. If you are looking for cheap shipping container home designs, you better look elsewhere.

23. Shipping Container Home Designs by Modulus (Starting cost: $400,000)

container home design Although this shipping container design is a little on the pricey side, the quality of the home is unmatched. The exterior may not have won you over but the interior will make you rethink that mindset. The design is rather unassuming, but it is a masterpiece. 

24. The Casa Incubo Shipping Container Home Design by Maria Jose (Starting cost:$450,000)

container home design This design is in Costa Rica and was designed by architect Maria Jose Trejos. Jose used eight 40-foot high cube containers in designing this magnificent edifice. The house incorporates a clerestory roof that allows natural light into the interior of the building. In conclusion, its interior decoration is beauty to behold, and you will undoubtedly love it.

25. House H Shipping Container Design (Starting cost: $400,000)

container home design Hybrid Architecture and Barcelo Homes develop this modern shipping container home design. This shipping container home design will leave you in awe because of the beauty & architecture. Not to mention, the tower has four massive bedrooms, two beautiful terraces, a large kitchen, with a spacious bonus room. 

26. Riverfront Container House ($100,000)

This amazing 2-storey container home is located in Florida crafted from three shipping containers. The design and plan of the Riverfront container house complied with local building codes. With a solid background in real estate, Rick came up with this awesome container home design.

27. The Manifesto House

From the first contact with this design, you may not know that it is a product of shipping containers. However, the entire construction of the Manifesto house came from shipping containers constructed by James & Mau. This is one of the most talked-about container home designs in the world, given how it complemented the changing environment.

28. Bali Container Villa

This is a multi-functional living space with an interior and exterior architectural design made from shipping containers. The builders used recycled materials to design this home to reflect the attractiveness of natural surroundings.

29. Container of Hope Design ($40,000)

This is a low-cost container home design with high-level creativity using disused shipping containers. Two containers made up this design with a roof in between them with the aid of scrap pieces of metal. An interesting fact about this design is it allows for cross ventilation which reduces the need for air conditioning. A thoughtful design by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture.

30. CrossBox Shipping Container Home Design

This design comprised of four containers with two shipping containers placed on top of the other two. The upper and lower containers are differentiated with bold green and black colors respectively.

The structure has an attachment of an additional container with its exterior wooden lining. This design stands as a sample for anyone who wants to construct something similar. This design was made by CG Architectes


All the shipping container home designs that we have listed in this article are all great. However, your choice will significantly depend on your financial disposition and location. Before settling on any design, you should do your due diligence. 

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