Have you come across or heard of eco-friendly prefab homes also known as prefabricated homes? Well, if you desire an affordable, long-lasting, and more fashionable home, you should opt for non-toxic, eco-friendly prefab homes. Prefabricated homes are the type of homes that are constructed offsite mainly to suit the efficiency needs of potential buyers.

Several companies specialize in this kind of field. Companies that build affordable green prefab homes take precautionary measures. They combine organized and experienced efforts to deliver well-detailed, conducive, and comfortable homes to their buyers.

In this post, we shall explore some inexpensive eco prefab homes:


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Eco-friendly prefab homes are gradually taking over traditional housing. Not only are the modern prefab homes affordable, but they are also non-toxic and energy conserving. Some good examples include Greenfab 1200 Series, Bamboo living homes, EcoCraft homes, etc.


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Top Inexpensive Eco-Friendly Prefab Homes

Top Inexpensive Eco-Friendly Prefab Homes 

There are some examples of affordable eco-friendly green modular homes:


1. Bamboo Living Homes

They are one of the best affordable green prefab homes that you get anywhere in the market. These Bamboo living homes offer you a variety of prefabricated home designs. With as little as $8,300, you can get the Zen 100 category. This particular one has a 100 sq. ft. of interior space and also a 40 sq. ft. porch area. You can also get the “Bonsai” Bamboo living home for only $17,980. This model contains two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a porch, and a loft area. The cost is only $89,000.


2. EcoCraft homes

These EcoCraft homes are very affordable and quite eco-friendly too. Also, the builders use FSC certified wood and other materials like eco-friendly cellulose insulation to build eco-friendly prefab homes. Therefore, If you want an inexpensive, sustainable home, EcoCraft will get the job done for you most desirably. They incorporate smart home technologies, passive and active solar systems, etc., to make the home eco-friendly. To build a prefabricated eco-friendly home, EcoCraft charges just $175 per sq. ft. They can build any fabricated home plan within a maximum of three months (90 days).



3. GreenFab 1200 Series

Greenfab constructs highly sustainable and energy-efficient prefabricated homes that are affordable. Although they have pre-designed options, they also build custom eco-friendly green modular homes. The 1200 Series category is a beautiful sight to behold. Also, they have a secure website where you can track the construction of your home in real-time.


4. Unity Homes

They design and build non-toxic, eco-friendly prefab homes that come in all sizes, shapes, and specifications. In addition, Unity Homes are built with green materials and are free from toxic chemicals. They also abstain from other materials that contain toxic ingredients like volatile oil compounds. With as little as $50,000, you can get the Nano home category. It is a tiny home measuring 477-965 sq. ft. and it comes with a loft space.


5. Living Homes

Ray Kappe designed the first Living Homes prefabricated eco-friendly home. In fact,  it was installed within eight hours. It became the first home to be LEED Platinum certified by the United States Green Building Council. If you are looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly homes, then go look for Living Homes. They create innovative fabricated homes using natural and non-toxic materials. Living Homes charge from $150 per sq. ft. making them one of the inexpensive, sustainable homes.



These affordable eco-friendly prefab homes offer you the best satisfaction in the market. There are also many eco prefab homes out there, and we might have missed some gems too. Kindly leave your comment or contribution in the comment box created below.


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