Experts opined that reducing the housing shortage in Ghana requires that people should prioritize affordability. And, Ghana container homes possess the answer to these challenges. The exciting part of it is that you can fashion them into whatever purpose you want them to serve.

With the service of expert Ghana container home builders, you can construct living space, schools, hospitals, offices, and restaurants. But, not everyone is familiar with constructing living space with a recycled container in Ghana yet. This could be because of the perception that they are meant for transportation.

Are you ready to join the trend? We will be generating Ghana container home ideas to help you.


Key Takeaways

Container homes are beginning to gain popularity in Ghana, given the housing deficit affecting the population. It will be beneficial to possess vital information about the price, builders, and process involved in the construction. To begin your journey, you need to identify where to get Ghana container homes for sale.


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How Much Does a Container Home in Ghana Cost?

The reason many people are skeptical about owning container homes in Ghana is because of cost misconception. Prospective owners need to know that prefab homes’ cost is relatively low compared to conventional buildings. In fact, you will be saving less than 40 percent of what brick and mortar construction requires.

With as low as GH₵ 40,000, you can erect a container home on your piece of land. Building a well-designed and chic house for a complete family might not cost up to GH₵ 100,000. Does that not sound cool? You can as well build schools and big office buildings with less than GH₵ 100,000.

It may interest you to know that the duration for the project may not take up to 30 days, depending on the container home builder. Also, your choice of design may affect the completion date.

In fact, the bigger the picture you imagine, the more you will need to make it a reality. The thickness of the plate determines the price, which usually ranges between GH₵100 and GH₵300. So, endeavor to get container homes in good condition to avoid expending additional costs on worn-out parts.


Container Homes for Sale at the Moment


   . Kings Realty:

A reputable builder of container homes using emergent technologies in their construction process. Thus, getting your container home from King’s realty offers you safety and satisfaction.

From the initial concepts to the final stage of construction, king’s realty guarantees maximum involvement to its customers. Interestingly, they run their operation under the Ghana Company’s code.

They offer container homes at a cost-effective price, and you can rest assured of quality delivery and admirable designs.


   . ArchiDesign Concepts:

Do you need masterpiece ideas for your living space or office? Then,  Archi Design should be your go-to container homes provider. This builder has proven to understand Ghana container home ideas on many occasions. Additionally, they embrace four components to developing an attractive apartment – Lighting, Texture, Colors, and Dressing.

Irrespective of the Ghana container buildings idea you have, they will work to surpass your expectation. Lastly, at the completion of your project, you can feel the beauty and functionality breath into your buildings.

ghana container homes

Image Source: ArchiDesign Concepts


   . Karmod Prefabricated Technologies:

With much understanding of modular construction, Karmod adds premium quality to your living space. No matter the size of your project, Karmod displays its architectural prowess to deliver the best.

This builder offers professional assistance to customize your building based on your budget. You don’t have to worry about low quality, as their construction process speaks for itself.

A notable achievement of Karmod is the construction of an entire Iraqi city of Kut within seven months. Their prefab products include living space, worksite buildings, schools, offices, among others.


   . Cobugh:

Cobugh offers innovative ideas, sleek, and affordable shipping container building with Ghana. They are a reliable company offering a strong structure with an assurance of quick deployment. The interior work is not only attractive but also guarantees safety.

Their shipping container homes come with plasterboard within the interior (Most companies use wood). They abide by every building rule to construct standard shipping containers for building purposes.

Also, Cobugh offers to convert an existing shipping container into living space, schools, offices, or shops. They possess the tools and expertise to get the job done within a short time frame.



The transformation has begun already. You can own Ghana container homes at a relatively low price. The pricing depends on the square feet and design you require. However, there are significant differences in the price of conventional buildings and prefabricated homes.

This is the future of buildings, and now is the time that you can embrace innovation. If you own a shipping container, you can contact Ghana container home builders for conversion to suit your building needs.


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