Do you wonder why anyone might want to leave the city to live off the land somewhere in the countryside? Somewhere in the woods can be a nice place for you. Switching to sustainable living gives you freedom. Although, it may seem difficult at first.

Just like you, we clamor for peace of mind too. And this is achievable by living far away from troubles.

If you are hearing about off-grid living for the first time, it’s fine. We were once like you. Based on our experience, we have gathered everything you need to know about how to live off the land.


Key takeaway

Living off the land implies adjusting to a more sustainable way of life that reduces the pressure on the environment. Off-grid living is not difficult as perceived by people. However, it requires problem-solving skills, the right amount of grit, survival skill, and creativity. Living off the land will expose you to surviving if the world were to go back to staying off technology.


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What does it mean to live off the land?

Have you ever imagined living without deserts, processed food, etc.? Well, that is what living off the land can be likened to.

When you live off the land, you are giving up on processed foods’ taste. This is because you would live on natural food and other resources like water, and natural power. In other words, it means living on resources that you can only harvest from the land.

For instance, you will have to get your meat from hunting. Do you imagine things right now? Yes, you saw that right. You can only get your food by either hunting or farming. Also, you can harvest power from natural resources like the sun or wind.

We know you might be wondering why anyone will choose to live this way. But, living off the grid has a way of making you independent and self-sufficient. After knowing what living off the land is, you might want to know how to live off the grid.

As cool as it sounds to embrace natural living, it is worth mentioning that it requires adequate preparation. Finding a place to survive without municipal utilities can take many years of groundwork. Therefore, you need to become self-reliant to maximize nature and the bountiful resources it has to offer.

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What do you need to live off the land?

We know you might be wondering about how to live off the land without getting bored. But it’s quite simple. You have to learn how to entertain yourself and be self-sustaining.

Now that we already have an idea of what living off the land is, you should also know the things you need to live off the land.

Below are three basic requirements to live off the grid.


     1. Water:

Everyone regards water as life. One of the luxuries you will enjoy is having fresh and clean water. You do not have to worry about sourcing water when you live off the land. You can get your water from the public well or utility. You can also collect water from the rain or use natural power to supply water to your home.


     2. Food

One of the things you should consider before living off the land is food. You must be sure to have access to freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Is there anyone who wouldn’t choose fresh and healthy food over junk food? No of course! Living off the land will improve your health because of natural foods free of chemicals. You will have to source food by going hunting and fishing. You can also grow your crops by farming food to eat.


     3. Shelter

It is important to make proper provisions for your shelter while living off the grid. Staying safe is essential for healthy living. Having a good and reliable shelter is far beyond just having a roof over your head.

A simple container home from a reputable company like Sulex International can provide you with a safe and reliable shelter. It will shield you from rain, cold, and wind. It will offer you security from intruders and animals.



Ensure you make sufficient research on how to live off the land and ways to go about it. You have to prepare yourself while preparing to go live off the grid because you will have fewer people to interact with. But, you will enjoy it once you can accustom yourself to that way of life.

People who love having their own space will find this lifestyle easy and enjoyable because they will feel no pressure from anyone and thus makes them more productive.


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