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Sulex Luxury

The SULEX Luxury provides the ultimate living experience. These homes provide the most space and comfort in addition to the greatest efficiency when it comes to transport. They are stackable and convertible, can meet any requirement and are great for remote areas all over the world.

This home is an eco-friendly alternative to using traditional building methods and materials. The units are customizable to meet your needs – whether you want a home fully equipped with appliances, bigger windows, brighter exterior colors or one of many more features. In the end, you’ll think you’re living in a top-line traditional home – not containers.

Every SULEX Luxury, like all our models, is a complete turnkey solution. This means that you can move in and get comfortable immediately. To make them last, we produce the homes with a strong foundation so that they can best withstand the ruggedest weather conditions. To top it off, our homes come with pre-installed solar cells that produce green energy.