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What we do in the Netherlands

At Sulex Nederland we combine shipping containers and innovative materials to build durable sustainable living to open doors to a better future. Our mission is to become a Dutch leading provider of sustainable modular housing, thereby adding to the country’s housing deficit in the short-term and bettering the environment for all.

Where traditional housing fails to make an impact, SULEX Nederland succeeds. We build fast, considerably reduce costs and integrate sustainability into our modular housing solutions. We do all this while creating high-quality living that is built to last, and continually innovating to raise the bar.

Our prefab method coupled with a sustainable approach sets us apart from the rest. Our method begins with international sea containers that would otherwise go to waste, as shipping companies rarely invest in returning them overseas. We use Containers, Steel constructions and EPS to build complete, tailor-made and transportable structures in a quality-controlled environment.

We provide more than just a home, creating highly self-sufficient ecosystems that provide a truly sustainable living experience. Every SULEX solution comes equipped with clean solar energy and can also include a rainwater harvesting system.

Through our work, we are contributing a sustainable system for the people in Netherlands – by not only filling the gap in the housing market, but also by building sustainable living for a better future.


Your project

Your budget, your planning, your needs. We understand that every project is different and are here to help you choose your best solution. This comes down to working with our engineers and designers to define the right mix of materials and design details that best suit your project and price.

Container housing can meet many requirements, however sometimes it’s best to go for a hybrid solution. For example, including a concrete floor, steel frame walls or a ceiling with PIR insulation. Our additional modular systems from steel and lightweight concrete really expand your possibilities. Whether you want a fully pre-assembled solution or an easy-to-assemble DIY package, we’ll make your home design simpler from start to finish – SULEX always has a solution.

Our company started in 2017, when we began taking shipping container homes to the next level through added sustainability and durability. This recipe makes our housing great for temporary, longer-term or permanent solutions.

We ship to countries worldwide, however are most active in the Netherlands, the Caribbean and Africa.


Our production

Complete SULEX solutions are put together in a factory and built with prefab modules. This gives us control over the process, makes things simpler and reduces costs. We always build to transport-ready specs so that your project can be delivered at the lowest cost. To make our delivery even more efficient, we set up our production in the country of housing and make use of local resources to provide a more cost-effective solution.

Our passion is building smart and sustainable container housing. It is not our goal to beat our competitors’ prices, but to provide you with a more valuable and durable solution. We strive to contribute to a greener world and to create a better quality of life for the citizens of the Netherlands and people everywhere. Therefore, we do everything in our power to produce the best housing in the smartest possible way.

If you have a project in mind, we’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us.




INTERIOR – The interior is insulated with heat absorbing membranes (i.e EPS, Polystyrene, Concrete board).

VENTILATION – Cross ventilation with big window openings and air vents. Plus there’s the additional option of air conditioning.


FOUNDATION COSTS – Container Buildings are semi-permanent structures with surface construction thereby reducing foundation cost, construction cost, labour cost, land cost (if leased)

MAINTENANCE COSTS – The semi-permanent structures with surface construction lead to a reduced amount of long term maintenance costs as compared to conventional buildings of same square area.


COATING – Containers are coated with paints that allow them resist harsh weather(moisture laden wind blast)on sea.

CORROSION – On land under normal conditions the containers can last 10yrs before the next maintenance paint job.


Containers are graded A to C depending on use.

GRADE A – used for shipping once

GRADE B – used at least 5 times.

GRADE C – outlived shipping lifespan, the once mostly recycled to buildings, as they are cheaper and reduce overall costs of the project.



Container Housing
1) Affordable solution to housing
2) Faster To Build, very efficient
3) Mobility; imagine moving ur home to a new location
4) Ease Of Future Expansion
5) Sustainability, a greener future
1) Recyclable products
2) Won’t support mold or mildew growth.
3) Long-term, stable R-value.
4) Can be utilized for inverted assemblies.


Container Housing
1) Few available professionals with knowledge
2) Impractical to use in extreme climatic zones
3) Special construction techniques required.
4) Containers can’t be used for water logged area.
1) Exposure to sun will deteriorate the product.
2) Elevated temperatures (above 250 degrees F.) will “melt” polystyrene.
3) Polystyrene is flammable, requiring proper placement in any assembly.