Just like every famous restaurant you may know, shipping container restaurants can offer you an awesome dining experience. Creativity is taking center stage, and shipping containers are performing multipurpose functions.

Does it sound weird to eat it in restaurants made from shipping containers? We guess it doesn’t. It’s a show that innovation is becoming the order of this period. The transformation occurring is just a way of converting a shipping container into a tiny restaurant.

We would like to show you innovative restaurant designs that you can try out soon. This environmentally-friendly restaurant designs can make you want to eat even when you are not hungry.

1. High-Rise Subways

This is a combination of nine shipping containers converted to form a sustainable restaurant in a subway at Freedom Tower, Nyc. This restaurant saves time and stress by taking a long walk to get food during free time. 

It offers convenience incomparable to what you would get from regular restaurants. This wouldn’t have been feasible without someone coming up with an innovative restaurant design for people’s benefit.

container home restaurant

2. Snackbox, Times Square, New York

You can’t help but admire this start-up restaurant design. SnackBox offers people snacks, coffee, and hotdogs as much as you would get from a regular restaurant. Snackbox is one of our choices because it is spacious enough to accommodate staff, equipment, and customers.

Food production is made easy with the aid of its hybrid energy sources.

3. Muvbox Fast Food

This is one of the brilliant concepts of shipping container restaurants offering people food combined with innovative ideas. This environmentally-friendly restaurant design is in Montreal, Canada.

It is a mobile outdoor fast-food restaurant, where you can get unconventional dining and drinking experience. Muvbox fast food is a product of a 20-feet shipping container with a floor designed with recycled tires.

container home restaurant

4. Movement Cafe

Although it is a temporary café build to serve a purpose at the 2012 Olympic Games, the colorful design is worth admiring. It took Myerscough 16 days to create this amazing restaurant.

The movement café offered relief, food, and drinks to tourists and residents of Greenwich. The interior and exterior designs of the café create a pleasurable atmosphere for customers.

5. Singapore Takeout, London

This innovative restaurant design came into existence based on the idea to bring Singapore foods to the world. In this shipping container restaurant, there are all equipment and food items.

This restaurant offers its customers the best culinary meals they require at any time. With the aid of renewable shipping containers, the mission remains to establish in over nine cities. Also, it aims to extend across the world.

container home restaurant

6. Wahaca Restaurant

The Southbank area of London is the location for this shipping container restaurant offering fresh Mexican food. This restaurant was a product of eight recycled shipping containers. 

The large front-facing windows offer customers the opportunity to feel the rays of sunlight coming from that direction. Accordingly, passersby can get see the elegant design of the Wahaca restaurant from the outside.

7. El Rey, Taqueria + Mexican Beer Garden

This is a distinct style restaurant fashioned out of 11 shipping containers. It offers something new different from what you might have seen anywhere. El Rey isn’t the first shipping container design in DC, but the structure makes it the perfect avenue for drinking and snacking.

It is one of the best locations for grilled, cheesy corn (Elote) and traditional tacos. If you are a lover of late-night takeout, we suggest you try out El Rey, Taqueria. Like many bars around its vicinity, El Rey hosts a lot of entertainment, including wrestling and dominos.

storage container restaurant

8. Froebe, Austria

Froebe is a gold-painted shipping container bar that originated in China but offering an awesome culinary experience in Linz, Austria. Unlike other shipping container restaurants, Froebe isn’t spacious. Still, it possesses all the equipment you could think that a public plaza should have in store.

With a golden exterior and red interior, the beauty of this renowned mobile food establishment will sweep you off your feet. The appearance may force you to ask yourself many questions begging for an answer.

9. Till the Cows Come Home

This shipping container restaurant is located in Northern Berlin. If you are looking for a suitable place to have lunch, Till the cows come home is an ideal restaurant for you. Many people looked down on this location because of its appearance. But I can bet with you that it offers the healthiest food in Berlin.

Apart from the fact that you can eat a healthy meal, you rest assured of consistently getting tasty food. Seasonal changes affect their dishes, such that ingredients change with nature. Till the Cows Come Home is not your regular shipping container restaurant. The difference is in the taste, and it can change your perspective about food and drinks for good.

storage container restaurant

10. Beitang Container Restautant, Tianjin, China

Beitang is a seven shipping container restaurant offering 28 different types of seafood. Many other restaurants are similar to Beitang in Tianjin, which makes the area a hub for seafood lovers.

This Beitang container restaurant, with its spacious environment, keeps its kitchen equipment separate from the open seating for customers. The goal is to transform Tianjin into a recreation and commercial hub, and Beitang is part of this plan.



It is no news that the restaurant business is taking a turn of creativity. Shipping container restaurant does not only save cost, it offers you the opportunity to be an owner. You can come up with a custom style that suits your restaurant’s needs.

For example, the above-listed restaurants were made from the same reusable materials, but they appear different. Do you plan to open a restaurant soon? We suggest you consider shipping containers. You can build it to your taste and keep it attractive to your customers.

You can inquire about getting new shipping containers or used ones to become part of the shipping restaurant family. Also, there are shipping container modification services to assist you when you need help.


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