It’s always a bit of a challenge decorating small spaces of tiny homes. Especially, small spaces when you convert a shipping container into a mini house.

How do you fit all your furniture and appliances and still have some space to move around? Not to mention the issue of lighting and ventilation when decorating a small living space.

This article will give you 25 tiny home interior design tips to decorate small spaces. So, read on to find more, including other amazing small space design ideas.

1. Design to Scale

“Less is more” is one of the tiny home interior design tips that you must remember.  In decorating small spaces, you should go small. Ignore the big furniture and large setups. Go small instead. It leaves the room airy and more spacious.

2. Get What You Need Only

Make sure what you’re buying to put in the space is what you absolutely need. If you’re an impulse buyer, then you have to exercise some control. For example; if a shelf is not a necessity, then don’t buy one. 

3. Paint Interior Walls with a Light Color

Using a lighter color palette is one of the interior design ideas for tiny homes that is often overlooked. White or light color paints make small spaces feel spacious and allow the eyes to focus on one item at a time. 

tiny home interior design tips

4. Don’t Block the Windows

Ensure to allow in natural light as much as you can. This is another small home interior design idea that helps promote air circulation and gives the room some more warmth.

5. Keep Large Items at the Edge

If you must use large furniture, then you must strategically place them on the perimeter of the room. Instead of placing items like couches and bookcases in the middle of the room, place them up against the wall.

6. Use Wall Mirrors

One other small space design idea is to make use of wall mirrors. They help to illuminate the room further, as well as creates the illusion that the room some more square feet. You could also line up different mirror sizes like a wall gallery.

tiny home interior design tips

7. Choose Your Rug Wisely

Small and light rugs make the room look even tinier. So, use large rugs instead. The trick is to choose a rug that’s large enough for most or all the furniture to sit on.

8. Be Smart About Going Bold

Remember that using light colors is one tiny home interior design tip. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore your creativity with colors. You could make small designs with bold colors to add some cool patterns to the interior design.

9. Avoid Item Clusters

Remember that the goal of decorating small spaces is to have some space and convenience. So, let items breathe. Allow spaces between furniture. And if need be, get rid of items that you don’t use daily.

tiny home interior design tips

10. Be Strategic in Your Planning

Just like the other tiny home interior design tips above, you need to be deliberate about your goals. Every space in the room serves a purpose. So, ask yourself why you need the pace. This will also help you decide what item is perfect for your needs.

11. Go for Multi-Purpose items and furniture

Consider getting furniture 14,  items that serve multiple functions. For example, a couch that can be stretched into a bed. This is one of the tiny house decorating tips that save money and living space.

12. Explore Creative Storage Options

Shelves can always be a cool way to store/display your favorite personal items. However, if you get the option of buying a piece of furniture that offers extra storage spaces, go for it! There’s always going to be the need to pack up your stuff. So, find other options that save you from stuffing everything into a shelve or closet.

tiny home interior design tips

13. Breathe Life into the Room Space

As long as you don’t overdo it, adding flowers to the living space gives the room a cozy and stylish ambiance. Even if you prefer the option of artificial flowers, make sure to get one that looks just as real. The effect is always amazing.

14. Use Corners Smartly

In decorating a small living space, it’s possible to leave nooks and corners unexploited. Come up with creative ways you can take advantage of these extra spaces. Perhaps using smaller items. However, try to avoid clustering while you do.

15. Vertical Spaces Are Very Useful Too

Exploiting the space between tall items and the ceiling is another one of the common decorating ideas for small spaces out there. It provides you with more floor and aerial space for you to maneuver. For example, you could consider installing hanging storage elements for stuff like pans and pots in the kitchen.


Here are 10 extra small space design ideas that you would find super helpful for small home interior design include:

  1. Consider using pocket doors. The door slides into the wall, and saves a lot of space, giving you a little more room for other stuff.
  2. Media consoles take up a lot of living space. For a small room space, mounting the TV to the wall is more reasonable.
  3. Paint with neutral, even-toned colors. It has a way of tricking the eyes into thinking the room is more spacious.
  4. Maximize all surface spaces available. The windowsill, for example, is perfect for placing flowers, as it enhances the interior décor. 
  5. Instead of the regular side table, get a wall desk. It takes up much less space and gives you extra storage options too. 
  6. Get side stools that are compact and foldable for visitors. This is so that when not in use, you could fold and keep them conveniently.
  7. Get rid of Large Pieces. Too many bulky pieces look weird in small spaces. If you must use big furniture, use only a few.
  8.  It’s sometimes cool to partition a living space. Use cozy draperies to zone the space and conceal regions you feel are too conspicuous.
  9. Decorating a small living space with symmetry in mind is another cool small home interior design hack. It always leaves a nice visual appeal when items in a room are arranged to give a mirror effect.
  10. Lastly, it’s not a must for you to display every item. Be reserved with what you put on display. Remember that most times, less is more, and a cluster is the enemy of small spaces.



So, there they are. The 25 tiny home interior design tips to decorate small spaces. The reality is, the possibilities are endless. And it boils down to your unique needs and creativity. However, the decorating ideas for small spaces above should guide you aright.

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