If you are looking for practical and effective container home gardening tips, then this post is for you. You don’t have to give up your plans for gardening because you live in a tiny home. To maximize your small space to accommodate your gardening activities, you will need to plan, be creative, and flexible. Anytime you want to engage in your tiny home gardening, use these container home gardening ideas. 

Today, many people are beginning to enjoy the simplicity and serenity of living in tiny container homes. Most of these people join the movement because of financial constraints, and some due to their desire for more freedom. It costs far less for people to live in tiny container homes compared to average American homes. Even in that small space, you can still enjoy your passion for gardening. Here are tips for gardening in small spaces.


Table Of Contents

  1. Always start small
  2. Make use of vertical space
  3. Consider container gardening
  4. Use handing pots
  5. You can start a compost
  6. Be part of a tiny home gardening community
  7. Consider the lighting 
  8. Consider having attached greenhouse
  9. Built-Ins
  10. Sans soil
  11. Grow Herbs in your Garden
  12. Be Creative with the Height
  13. Consider Raised Beds
  14. Movable Gardens are Awesome
  15. Use Colorful Containers


Key Takeaway

Many people find container home gardening a difficult task to do. However, there are ways to go about it and you will be very happy in the end. One important thing to note is that it is best to start small. Other essential tips include the use of vertical space, joining a container home gardening community to mention a few.



Container Home Gardening Tips

The container home gardening ideas below will help you enjoy every bit of the process and not feel confined.


1. Always start small

When it comes to small space gardening advice, the most important approach is to start small. You live in a tiny house, so it would be impractical for you to try to create another Garden of Eden. All you need to do is pick a few vegetables and a few flowers that you would like to grow. If you don’t heed this advice, then your reality may not match your expectations.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can start small while growing your garden:

  • Build a maximum of two raised beds with easy vegetables like lettuce, green beans, and cucumbers.
  • Create a small flower bed in front of your tiny home using flowers and easy herbs.
  • You can also place a pot with flowers on the adjacent sides of your front door.


2. Make use of vertical space.

The ability to leverage vertical spaces is one of the best container home gardening tips you can receive today. Your tiny homes may likely not have the same floor spaces conversant with apartments and balconies. However, you have plenty of vertical spaces to create a vertical garden. One way to do this is to attach trellis to the exterior of your container home and add varieties of pole vegetables. Some examples of pole vegetables include peas, cucumbers, green beans, etc. Certain flowers also climb walls and fences.

An alternative to the trellis is a pallet. You can hand the pallet on the exterior of your tiny container home, and it will serve as a shelf for flowers or even an herb garden. Certain plants thrive better in vertical gardens, and they include hostas, bromeliads, begonias, ivies, tillandsias, aechmea, etc. Growing vegetables vertically is a great way to conserve space and also enjoy a great harvest.


3. Consider container gardening

This is also a great small space gardening advice that will certainly give you excellent results in your tiny home. Containers are ideal for tiny container homes as they make it easy to take your garden with you while moving. There are lots of plants that do exceedingly well in containers, and they are easily moveable. If you have a small porch, do well to place a few pots on the steps. You can also add shrubs in a container by the sides of the porch.

It is also advisable that you put a few smaller containers containing brightly colored flowers in front. If you haven’t grown flowers or vegetables in a container before, here are a few tips:

  • Ensure the bottom of the containers has drainage holes.
  • Before choosing a particular spot for your containers, try to know the amount of time that spot receives sunlight. Your plants or vegetables need at least 6 hours of daylight.
  • Add a small amount of fertilizer to your potting soil.


4. Use handing pots. 

This is also another one of the amazing container home gardening tips for your tiny home. Growing plants in hanging pots is similar to that of a container garden. You can construct a hook in the roof of your porch or screw a few of them into the exterior of your container home.


5. You can start a compost.

Another tremendous small space gardening advice is the use of compost. It is eco-friendly and reduces the amount of waste you chunk out every week. Composts also add a great amount of nutrients to your plants. You can mix the composts into your potting soil. Alternatively, you can use it as a soil amendment for established garden beds.


6. Be part of a tiny home gardening community.

Such a community of individuals encourages gardening and sustaining. When you join the right group, you will be motivated to see other people with the same drive and passion as you. It is one of the great tips for gardening in small spaces, and it works like magic.


7. Consider the lighting 

While you plan to engage in your tiny house gardening, ensure you have enough space that will receive the sun. If you have enough windows to receive the sun, then you should use them. On the other hand, if there is limited window space, you may consider adding a grow light. Adding it under your kitchen shelves will be the best approach.


8. Consider having attached greenhouse.

A greenhouse can help upgrade your tiny home into a passive solar structure capable of growing food all year round. You can also structure the greenhouse for maximum exposure and result.


9. Built-Ins

Planters, garden windows, and porches can help you maximize the tiny space in your container home. Your porches can help you house your container plants while you are on the move.


10. Sans soil

Growing plants in water instead of soil is also an excellent way for you to conserve space. Raising plants hydroponically is also one of the excellent container home gardening ideas that you can apply. You can go for a ready-made system called the Urban Cultivator; it is an excellent option for people living in tiny homes.


11. Grow Herbs in your Garden

Growing herbs in your container garden make it look complete. Herbs are garden enhancers that can be included in meals to change the taste. It’s not necessary to add all herbs to your garden. They are a perfect complement to other flowers that make up a beautiful garden.

Thyme, sage, and cilantro are a few of the herbs you can consider. Apart from being useful for preparing food, they are ideal for giving a garden a pleasant look.

container home gardening tips

12. Be Creative with the Height

Instead of planting flowers of the same size, consider including tall planters. It gives your garden a unique and lively appearance, rather than making it look boring. Regarding the arrangement, place the large and small groups side by side to create an appealing setting.

Alternatively, the shorter plants can be in front of the taller ones for a garden-like environment effect.


13. Consider Raised Beds

Raised beds for growing vegetables is one of the container home gardening tips that are maintainable in any garden. But, unlike the traditional garden, a raised bed offers you the opportunity to control soil quality.

It is an ideal way to improve drainage and suitable for anyone who has back problems. Gardening made easy with raised beds for planting.

14. Movable Gardens are Awesome

Your garden may be deprived of the needed sunlight if it is in a position where it gets minimal sunlight. That is where the idea of a movable container comes in. It sounds unrealistic, right. It is actually simple; these are raised beds on wheels. You can move it around to enable your planning to get enough sunlight.

Exposure to sunlight helps vegetables to grow well. You love the idea, right?  Why not learn how to build yours from here?


15. Use Colorful Containers

A good container home gardening tip is brightening up your garden with colorful containers. You can have separate containers for vegetables, herbs, short and tall plants. It makes your garden glow all season long.

Colorful containers generate the idea of lively surroundings. No planting rule says mixing colorful containers isn’t good for your garden



All the container home gardening tips that we have shared in the post are practical and doable. All you need is to follow the guideline carefully, and you won’t have a problem at all. You can also share you thought using the comment box provided below.


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