These container home essentials are a must-have if you want to enjoy your container homes to the fullest. Having the things that make container home living better helps you enjoy your tiny space more. Bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive, but we have to streamline it to the top 20.

Therefore, if you are thinking about items you can’t live without in a container home, this list will guide you. Below is our list of 20 best container home items for small space living.


Living in a container home requires that you maximize the little space that you have. To maximize space in your container home requires that you only have the essentials things needed to make you comfortable and happy. These essentials include baskets, shelf dividers, nested kitchenware, etc.



Top 20 Container Home Essentials


1. Baskets

When it comes to living in a small space like a container home, baskets are one of the essentials that come in handy every time. Baskets don’t just help you organize your things; it feels like you have your life in order.


2. Shelf dividers 

This is the solution to virtually all your cupboard woes. If you look inside your bathroom, kitchen cupboards, or hall, you will certainly find wasted spaces between shelves. Take advantage of these spaces by installing shelf dividers. You will certainly come here to thank me later.


3. Nested kitchenware 

This is as essential as it gets. When living in a small space, the last thing you want is to have your kitchen utensils everywhere. This nested kitchenware set will only take the space of one pot. It is one of the best container home items for small space living, especially if you have a family.


4. An over-the-sink shelf

This is one of the space savers you can have in your tiny container home. It is both decorative and functional. It is the perfect place for you to place your kitchen utensils like sponges, dishwashing soap, etc. You can utilize it to showcase your indoor garden.


5. An under the shelf wire rack

You have to make the most of your drawer space, and an under-the-shelf wire rack will help you do that. We recognize it as one of the container home essentials that really help you to utilize spaces effectively. The very good thing about it is that it is quite cheap and affordable.


6. Pegboard kitchen tool rack

This is as good as they come. If you are the type who enjoys cooking and has many kitchen utensils, this pegboard becomes a necessity. If you want to display your kitchen tools, the pegboard display is the best way to go. It is one of the items you can’t live without in a container home, especially if you cook a lot.


7. Over the toilet shelf

In a small space, having an over-the-toilet shelf is very important. You can store all your bathroom essentials in one place using the “over the toilet shelf.” It makes life easier for you by having all your bathroom supplies in one place.


8. A laundry Pod

This is a huge space saver and one of the best container home items for small space living. It is a huge space saver, and the wash time is around a minute. You can also do up to 10 pieces of clothing with it. It is essential for a container home.


9. Small-sized vacuum cleaner 

The small vacuum cleaner is portable and gets into the small spaces in your container home. It is a must-have in your container home.


10. Sink/toilet combo

Are you looking for essentials for your container home? This sink/toilet combo is an ultimate necessity, and you can’t afford to have one in your home.


11. Wall-mounted fruit basket

This fruit basket doesn’t take a lot of space, and it gets the job done perfectly well. So, when moving into your container home, remember to have your wall-mounted fruit basket.


12. Compact air filter

It helps to clear your home of any air pollutant. Go for the one that comes with in-built heating and cooling features. This all-in-one air filter is undoubtedly one of the things that make container home living better.


13. Single-cup automatic coffee maker

This equipment is small, uncomplicated, and very easy to clean. Having a modern and automatic coffee maker in your small space can save you a lot of trouble and inconveniences.


14. An over-the-burner cutting board

As a small-space dweller, everything boils down to maximizing the little space in your container. Having a few extra inches of space via an over-the-burner cutting board in your kitchen always comes in handy. Always ensure that you keep it safe and simple.


15. Inflatable baths or Flexi baths

If you have a kid, this is one of the container home essentials you must have in your home. It is cheap and straightforward to use and, most importantly, doesn’t occupy too much space.


16. Vertical shoe rack

This is a must-have for everyone, and it is quite affordable. You wouldn’t want to have your shoes littered all over the place. A vertical shoe rack helps you to keep your footwear in order while also conserving space.


17. Lightweight hanging mirror 

You will be amazed how having one of these can help to brighten and enlarge your small space. Some of them come with built-in shelves to help you fit in some belongings like your flower or makeup kit.


18. S-Hooks

One of the valuable essentials for small space living is hooks. It is highly recommended for your kitchen as it can help keep some things off the floor, thus giving you ample space.


19. Customized closet system

Many people who have lived or living in a small space container home will agree that this is a lifesaver. It takes into consideration the size and structure of your container home and fits in perfectly.


20. Roll-up drying rack

You will always need a place to dry your kitchen items, and that is where this equipment comes in. It helps you keep your counters uncluttered. You certainly cannot do without it.



Yeah, you have seen our list of container home essentials. Do you think we missed something important? Let’s have your take in the comment space provided below.


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